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Welcome to the SSBV Aerospace & Technology Group website

SSBV is a Dutch-led, technology driven company, active in the domains of (aero)Space and Defence & Security.

Based on in-house technology, engineering, assembly and test skills, SSBV has grown to a high-tech, product-based solution provider at unit, subsystem and system level. The company also provides services related to remote sensing & monitoring and communication.

The company was established as Satellite Services BV in 1985, and re-branded to SSBV Space & Ground Systems NL in 2010 as part of the overall SSBV Aerospace & Technology Group establishment. SSBV operates as a group of high-tech, SME-sized companies with operations and SSBV Group members located in The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Poland, Ireland, Germany, Denmark and South Africa.

The SSBV headquarters and a number of other Group companies are located in the SSBV building in the Space Business Park in Noordwijk aan Zee, The Netherlands.

Within SSBV and its group companies, a wide range of activities are supported. These range from the provision of ground based systems for simulation, test and communication to the provision of smallsat subsystems and components. SSBV is also actively involved in the development and qualification of a unique smallsat-capable mini-SAR (radar) instrument under the name PanelSAR.

For Defence & Security applications, SSBV provides products and solutions based on a cross-over from its aerospace product lines as well as specific products, originally developed for this market segment. Example of this are the ACRIDS Precision Airdrop System, a range of RF / Spectrum recorders for SIGINT / ELINT and compact, low-power Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) sensors.

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SSBV at Smallsat 2015

As always at this time of year, SSBV and our South African daughter company NewSpace Systems are taking part in Small Satellite Conference in Logan, Utah.
We are presenting our latest developments in the area of smallsat components and sybsystems, as well as  the DragonSAR and FalconSAR, PanelSAR-based microsatellites which are being developed in cooperation with SCS Space.

Sentinel-2A launched

Early this morning (23-06-2015) the European Space Agency developed Sentinel-2A satellite was successfully launched.

The satellite adds high-resolution optical imaging capability to the EU’s Copernicus environmental monitoring constellation of satellites.  Sentinel-2 will compliment the SAR / Radar data of its sister satellite Sentinel-1A launched in April 2014.


Sentinel-2A is built around a sophisticated multi-spectral Imager (MSI) supporting a wide swath (ground observation area) of 290 km in which observations in 13 spectral bands can be made.

Such data can be used for agriculture, forestry, waters, risk and disaster mapping, biophysical data etc.

SSBV’s general involvement in the Sentinel satellites has been quite extensive and in the case of Sentinel-2, next to supporting on-board computer (TM/TC) and communication testing, SSBV provided the test environment for the development and qualification of the MSI instrument.

For more information about the Copernicus programme, visit the ESA site: http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Observing_the_Earth/Copernicus

A previous ESA BLOG entry related to EGSE and ground testing can be found here: http://blogs.esa.int/eolaunches/2015/04/27/switched-on/

Image Copyright: ESA

SSBV and SCS-Space present their PanelSAR-based microsatellites


At the SSBV booth at the 10th IAA Symposium on Small Satellites for Earth Observation in Berlin last week, not only SSBV and New Space Systems’ smallsat components were presented, but also DragonSAR and FalconSAR, the PanelSAR-based microsatellites under development in cooperation with our South African partner, SCS-Space. 

The disruptive PanelSAR technology enables new missions and constellations based on unprecedented price/performance ratio.


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